The higher the heels, the closer to god

Why You Put Up With The Torture

Why do you wear heels? According to Laura Beil at Women’s Health, when you wear heels too often you are subjecting yourself not only to pain, but future foot, ankle, knee, and back problems.

Yet many women, myself included, still want to romp the town in stilettos. Why? The short and simple answer: they make you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you become confident. Who wouldn’t feel sexy after an immediate calf boost and butt lift? I know I do. Who needs Brazilian Butt Lift workouts when you have heels? Although, I have to admit, those butt lift videos actually work.

Heels also force you into a power stance. Amy Cuddy delivered a powerful TED talk about her research at Harvard University. It shows that power stances “change other people’s perceptions – and even our own body chemistry” and boost our confidence. Ah ha! No wonder heels are addicting.

Just the act of wearing heels signifies you put some effort into your appearance, thus giving you a polished look. Haven’t you noticed when you dress up you have an extra sprint in your step and spunk in your junk-trunk? I asked ladies on Yuru, an app that lets you ask questions anonymously, if high heels make them feel confident. One Yuru-er’s response said it all: “I love heels, but I also love my Nikes. Heels don’t make me feel confident in itself, but a good pair can complete an outfit…Look good, feel good.” Lidia Dishman at FastCompany recently wrote an article about how we perceive ourselves in our clothes increases focus and productivity. Finally you have an excuse to buy those shoes you’ve been obsessing over. You’re welcome.

And if you need another obvious reason for pro-heels, it gives you height. Feeling taller is an automatic boost for just about anyone. The bonus: if your significant other is taller than you, heels give you an eye-to-eye view with them. According to an anonymous Yuru poster, “the higher the heels, the closer to God”.

While there are many other ways to boost confidence, wearing some rocking’ heels is a fun way. So what kind of heel girl are you? Work-a-heelic? Speci-heel occassion? Do you like a casual lift?


If you’re into wearing heels at the office, you might want to consider keeping the height maxed out at 3.5 inches. This still gives you the leg and bum super charge while giving your footsies a little break. Although as I am writing this I am breaking this rule, as I often do. I also recommend keeping a pair of cute neutral flats at your office in case you will be on your feet for longer than normal or want to walk with your friends to lunch. When it comes to work, you can’t go wrong with classy and elegant. What I love about the Miss KG heels is not only are they posh, but the bow adds a touch of fun and personality. I love bow accents on everything! Well not everything. Not all bows are created equal. Be careful with this accessory, as it can look really good or reeeeaaaaallly bad.

Work Heels


Red Bow Heels: Miss KG, Black Bootie: Salvatore Ferragamo, Grey Suede Pump: Jeffrey Campbell, Calf Pump: Casadei, Navy Peep Toe Platform:

Night Out On The Town Heels

Depending on where you work, the heels you wear at the office tend to lean on the conservative side. Party heels are the best because this is where you can go hog wild and really let your personality shine through. If you are going dancing with your girls, make sure to keep a pair of flats in your car just in case your feet start barking too loud. Whether your evening style is strappy, platform, lacey, or some legs for days boots, find something that makes you feel like the seductive hottie you already are.

Party Heels


Yellow Heels:, Thigh High Boot:, Lacey Pump: ShoeBox, Strappy Heel: Charlotte Russe, Sandal Heel: Montaigne Market

Casual Lift

Want the lift a heel provides without feeling overdressed for certain occasions? Wedges are the ticket. Wedges are my favorite because you get the confidence that comes with wearing heels with less pain. Did you say comfortable and hot? Ummm, yes please!

You can still feel sultry with some seasonal boots, without feeling over the top decked out. Former tomboys rejoice! And if you want the comfort of a boot with a little more breathing room, try out these cool peep toe bootie kicks from by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Casual Heels



Okay ladies, and a few fabulous gents, I want to hear from you. Do heels make you feel confident? If so, why?