An introduction to Christian Louboutin shoes

When we think of statement heels, there are only a handful of name brands we think of.
There’s Jimmy Choo, the King of the Red Carpet, whose heels are worn by celebrities on the red carpet more than any other.
There’s Manolo Blahnik, already an elite brand since the 90s, made more covetable by Sex and the City, and Carrie’s obsession with her Manolo’s.

Recently there’s Charlotte Olympia, a London brand favoured by the individual fashionista, who likes to show the world her unique and quirky style. But the go to shoe for those who really want to make a statement is the Louboutin. Credited with bringing the stiletto back into fashion in a big way in the 1990’s, Christian Louboutin’s heels are now the most searched for brand onle.

Famous for his lacquered red-soled shoe, anyone wanting to make a designer purchase with an immediate visual recognition usually turns to a Louboutin heel.


lb2Vertiginous to the extreme, a Louboutin pump will add between 100-140mm to your height







lb3while a kitten heel or slingback will see you around 70-80mm taller.






For those a little braver the So Bella platform sandal will see you rise out of the ashes at 160mm above the pack. That’s a whole 6.29 inches taller than the vertical span mother-nature gave you!








lb5So obsessed with height is Louboutin (with his goal said to be to make a woman “look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as” possible) that his website provides the heel height under the name of the shoe so you can make an informed purchase. Christian Louboutin also gives no illusions to women purchasing his shoes – Louboutins are worn for their beauty and impact, not for comfort. Anyone seeking out comfort should move on to another label – Camper perhaps. Or Nike.



lb6For the Louboutin first timers, the most common entry purchase is the Louboutin Pigalle, Pigalle Plato (Pigalle with a small platform) or Decollete 868 pump. The favourite of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez, as well as millions of corporate girls, the Louboutin Pigalle pump is his iconic style – a court shoe with a minimum 100mm spiked heel, and always with the splash of red on the sole.






lb7Originally available only in black, red or nude leather (patent or matte), the Pigalle can now be found with patterns, suede or spikes.




If a classic pump isn’t your style, Mr. Louboutin also designs a range of flat shoes (ballet flats, brogues and lace ups) as well as a large range of boots.lb8






A favourite of stars like Diane Kruger, the Troop Buckled Bootie provides height with a sensible sturdy heel.

But be warned. A Christian Louboutin shoe doesn’t come cheap. With prices starting at around $US700 for the entry level 100mm Pigalle, a Louboutin is clearly an investment purchase. Oh, and while Carrie may have been obsessed with her Blahnik’s in Sex and the City, it was Christian Louboutin that Sarah Jessica Parker wore to her own wedding to Matthew Broderick in 1997.