With access to designer clothes and shoes most of us can only dream of, why is it that celebrities are so attached to their sneakers?


I mean, we already knew the appeal of the sneaker – they’re comfortable beyond belief – but it took the celeb set to make them cool, and the fashion crowd to make them versatile.

Bekket wedge sneaker





It really started with Isabel Marant, who first released the Bekket wedge sneaker in her 2010/2011 winter range.






Novel in design, the internal wedge gave you street cred as well as height, in a designer package. And didn’t the celebs just love it!


Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Wedge Sneaker


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Wedge Sneaker


Bey Wedge Sneaker






and Beyonce loved the sneaker, with Bey even wearing it in her “Love On Top” video. The sneaker had officially arrived!








The skater crowd may have made the Converse sneaker popular, but it’s celebrities who really made them the must have items of the past 5 years.   It’s fair to say nearly every celebrity in the recent past has donned a pair, for their comfort factor alone, although it’s an added bonus they are eye wateringly cool as well.








Number 1 fan of the Connie has to be Kristen Stewart who wears them on the street and on the red carpet equally









Diane Kruger Converse Sneaker






although their style attraction comes from fashionistas like Diane Kruger popping on a pair.







Girl on Bench Sneaker




By the time the Fall/Winter 2014 shows hit the stage, celebs and the fashion crowd were already wearing sneakers as a fashion item.





Rhianna Sneaker





But, in the way only Karl Lagerfeld can do, it was when Chanel gave us the sneaker as a fashion staple in the Chanel Supermarket extravaganza, that the sneaker became THE fashion accessory du jour. From then on everyone from Rihanna







Cara Delevingne Chanel Sneaker

to Cara Delevingne







Kylie Minogue Chanel Sneakers







were popping a pair of Chanel kicks, joining Kylie Minogue







and Avril Levigne, who were already devotees.

Avril Lavinge Channel Sneakers













Six months is a long time in the celebrity and fashion world, and by the time the Spring 2015 shows arrived in September 2014, the sneaker was well and truly a permanent fixture on the feet of the rich, famous and fashionable.


Anna Dello Russo Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneakers





Here Vogue Japan Editor-in-Chief Anna Dello Russo sports her Marc by Marc Jacobs kicks on the streets of Milan









Caroline de Maigret Adidas




while in Paris, uber cool French style icon Caroline de Maigret has effortlessly popped her Adidas on to own this look.







Stella McCartney’s Flatform



And while sneakers are going NOWHERE fast, the new shoe on the feet of the fashionable is the flatform – a padded even platform on a sneaker type shoe. Stella McCartney’s shoes are the current must haves in this genre,







although there were plenty on the runway during the Spring 2015 shows, so watch this space.