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With access to designer clothes and shoes most of us can only dream of, why is it that celebrities are so attached to their sneakers?   I mean, we already knew the appeal of the sneaker – they’re comfortable beyond belief – but it took the cele


H&M is having some wonderfull boots this winter. Very luxurious for the upcoming holidays. We got our inspiration here. You can combine them with a lot of things in your wardrobe. Leggings, a nice long dress or just tuck your jeans in them. Impress y

The higher the heels, the closer to god.

Why You Put Up With The Torture Why do you wear heels? According to Laura Beil at Women’s Health, when you wear heels too often you are subjecting yourself not only to pain, but future foot, ankle, knee, and back problems. Yet many women, myself include

An introduction to Christian Louboutin shoes.

When we think of statement heels, there are only a handful of name brands we think of. There’s Jimmy Choo, the King of the Red Carpet, whose heels are worn by celebrities on the red carpet more than any other. There’s Manolo Blahnik, already an elite

Top 10 Boots for this Fall.

As the hot, hazy evenings of summer give way to fall’s nippy nights, the surest sign that winter is on its way is the sudden appearance of boots. Boots are on everyone’s must-have list this fall. This versatile piece of footwear can be dressed

Hack for supporters for Musically Explained.

Unless your home is with a teen, you’ve most likely by no means heard of Musical. Ly. Should you, after that you’ve most likely already showed up in another of your body’s kid’s tracks videos. The potential DIY music-video app 1st